Our wellness programmes are individually tailored to each client.
We integrate these methodologies to
provide our members training to ensure optimum health.

SETH ASCETIC has created an authentic Finnish Sauna experience
that offers a calm and welcoming environment to its members.

The sauna promotes blood circulation, helps the body eliminate sweat,
and accelerates metabolism and cellular repair, allowing body, mind, and spirit to unwind and relax.

Seth Ascetic’s knowledge of Finnish saunas and the diligence of its Taiwan team can be seen from
the overall design concept down to the individual bricks and tiles.

The team traveled abroad to study Finnish saunas, planned the site and facilities, and has obtained
the only Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certification in Asia.

WARM,COOL,COLD plunge pools.
The water goes through six filtering processes,
including softening, sterilizing, and deodorizing,
until it is clean enough to drink.

Seth Ascetic has selected the finest products
for the club to deliver to members a complete experience.
The Spa selection of Bamford’s artisanal products,
are certified organic by the Soil Association.
This lifestyle brand use pure essential oils and botanicals for soaps and lotions.