At Seth Ascetic,
you’ll feel as if you have your own dedicated nutritional consulting team,
because all of the menus that you and your nutritionist work together to design
will be personally prepared for you by our chefs.

In addition, Seth Ascetic has a snack bar that offers healthy snacks and drinks.
All of this can be enjoyed at any time.


The Chef "mixed-blood cuisine"

There are exquisite ingredients and unique seasonings from different countries in the world,
why not try to merge them and finally become a unique "mixed-blood cuisine”.
Keep its original local classics without losing innovation and stunning
The chef is not afraid to challenge himself by nature, and strives to pursue creative meals with the ultimate creativity.
In SETH ASCETIC, the private chef demonstrated superb cooking skills and detailed the ultimate collision and inspiration behind the "mixed-blood cuisine".

Customized nutritious meals
In the healthy concept of a balanced diet, what we want is prototype foods and balanced intake of required nutrients. The meals provided by SETH ASCETIC have been carefully calculated by nutritionists for calories and nutrition,
and are meals that everyone can enjoy with confidence.


Danish Organic Drinks

TopBrewer Organic Coffee.
The TopBrewer developed by Scanomat, which has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of automatic coffee machines,
is designed to meet the needs of today's coffee lovers.

The machine is 100% made in Denmark. The simple and elegant design of TopBrewer can fit in any environment.
Through the APP, you can easily make high-quality coffee with unique, rich taste and different types of coffee.

TopJuicer Organic Juice.
TopJuicer can make a variety of healthy juices made from cranberries, apples, oranges or exotic fruits.
It also provides the option of sparkling drinks.