Pilates exercise emphasizes good movement control and functional training.
Through the neuromuscular connection and movement integration between multiple joints,
the brain controls the body's sovereignty.
Good motion learning mode makes exercise not only exercise, but real Smart Learning

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates
at the time of World War I.
It’s an exercise integrated physical exercise with
mental control, it be used to improve muscle weakness
and muscle imbalance.

Pilates can be consumed movement to everyone’s need,
pilates exercise emphasis on muscle balance,
correct muscle groups imbalance of overused,
focus on muscle balance and flexibility(prevent sports injury and
have more exercise efficiency), pilates can improve body alignment,
body awareness and proprioception.

Pilates is dynamic movement challenge combine
with resistance equipment, anatomical,
and biomechanical based. Stott Pilates aims to
enhance muscle strength for
maintain good posture and body fitness.